This site is a bit of an add on to my slowhandfarm.com site and has been my way of sharing some of my thinking and opinions about farming, tools, and a few other odds and ends for a number of years now.

In 2018 the site, along with a few of my other sites – including farmhandcarts.com – was taken down by a hacker. It wasn’t properly backed up and I’ve managed, with some help, to restore most of the content here – but a lot of photos are still waiting to be reloaded. Basically I’m short on time to maintain and rebuild the site.

A major goal of mine is to do more writing and to get more information out to farmers and eaters alike in 2020. How much of that work ends up here depends on funding (personally I’d like all of it to be here, free and accessible to all with access to an internet browser).

If you scroll way down to the bottom of this page there’s a button where you can donate funds to help with the site or to order a copy of my book, Compact Farms. I’m also part of a group that has a campaign for crowd funding a research trip to Italy right now and I’d love it if you’d pass that information around and toss a few bucks our way to help us bring back more information on chicories from the epicenter of chicory development.

Information on the site is a bit spread out right now – something I’d also like to fix eventually. Wander around and you’ll find lots of photos and writing and resources, currently not very well organized.

Definitely let me know if you have questions – any sort of questions. I prefer to write about questions that will actually help people. I’m also more than happy to write custom articles to answer your very specific questions. (Donations towards that end move those up in what is currently a pretty endless queue and you’ll be doing the rest of the folks who come looking for the same answer a favor, too. When considering how much to donate for an answer think about how long it would take you to write one up, multiply that by how much you make per hour, and then consider doubling that to help chip in for some overhead as well – or just chip in whatever you can afford, making money is not my primary goal here, just a necessary evil.)

On that note, thanks for stopping by and I hope I haven’t scared you away. There’s plenty of good info here, really – and it really is all given freely with best hopes that you’ll put it to good use and share it widely.