Growing Farms Podcast



John Suscovitch interviewed me back in December for a new podcast he was working on. In January the podcast went live but I didn’t have a chance to actually listen to it until today while I was doing some chores around the house. It’s actually pretty good. Normally I can’t stand the sound of my own voice but I think I must have had a cold or something because my voice sounds a bit different, and John must have done some good editing because I sound fairly coherent as well. Check it out here along with his website or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. I don’t actually come on until minute 13 so you might want to skip ahead if you don’t want the longish intro.

We talk about the model I had at Slow Hand Farm (which has now moved to Our Table Cooperative), bicycle delivery including a lot on electric assist, and farm planning. I don’t mention them by name, but the bike shop I keep referring to in the interview is Splendid Cycles, which has been an incredible supporter/enabler of my bicycle delivery of the CSA shares.

It looks like there might be some other interesting episodes as well. I just subscribed to the podcast so I’ll have a chance to listen to the rest of the episodes while I do more chores.