How I Make Wooden Boxes

Wooden Box

When I made our CSA boxes last year I took a bunch of photos of the process, fully intending to write up the process. This was partly for myself so that the next time I go to make them I remember what I did and partly to share. I’ve finally gotten around to it, partly inspired by Carri from Pitchfork and Crow asking about them last week after I posted a photo on Instagram. You can read about the details of how I made them on the Q&A page here.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Like always I’m hoping to get around to putting more articles up on the site soon and giving more updates through the blog. I’m also working on updating the workshops page soon. Most of what I’ve been up to lately is scaling up the vegetable production at Our Table Cooperative. I write short weekly posts on the CSA shares over there so that’s my most regular outlet right now.

Lots of Tool Photos

cultivation 391


I just added four new photo journals to the site:

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and is still somewhat incomplete but will have to do for now. It was inspired partly by a class I’m teaching at Clackamas Community College on farm tools and I wanted to make sure folks in the class had access to the photos I’ve been showing in class.

They are all photos I’ve taken over the past few years. If there are mistakes in the captions, or omissions, or if you have comments please let me know.

The Bullitt One Year Later

bullitt2 389

It’s been a year and 5000 miles since I started delivering with the Bullitt cargo bike. Last year after a test ride I wrote a review with my initial impressions. I’ve written a second review with what I’ve learned since then. It’s still a great ride and I’m excited to see what another year looks like.

I also made a minor update to my review from last year on the Biologic Case for the iPhone. It’s great for the bike and works well around the farm as well.

I’m also working on getting a few farm equipment slide shows up on the site. Look for those soon.

Sharpening and other updates

sharpening 384


It’s been a super busy spring! If you follow this blog you may have noticed that recently there are even fewer posts than usual. I’m working hard on getting the Our Table CSA established in Sherwood, Oregon, but I’m still trying to add content here when I can.

I’m also teaching a class on farm tools at Clackamas Community College and my intention is to put a few of the class materials up here on the site. To that end I’ve reposted an article on sharpening that I wrote for Growing For Market back in 2010. Sharpening is fundamental to tool care and functionality of many hand tools. The article is linked to in the Q&A section of the site.

I made some minor edits to the Links page here. Mostly I added two books to the list. When I did a workshop at MOSES last winter they gave me an excellent book on farm business, Fearless Farm Finances, so I’ve added that to the links page.

Another book I added is Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement, which just won a Nautilus Gold Award! I have an essay on tools in there, and there are a lot of other essays that really talk about the realities of what it’s like to be a young farmer. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Tractor Cultivation

I just added an article on basic tractor cultivation to the q&a section of the website. This is a version of an article that was first printed in Growing for Market in 2008. All of the articles that I’ve written for GFM are available in their online archives, which are accessible with an online subscription.

Bicycle and Farm Overlap

Bullitt at the Farm

I just added three bike inspired reviews to the reviews section of the site. They’re also inspired by two of my birthday presents (I had a birthday earlier this month), which in turn were bike inspired. And all of that bike inspiration is partially due to the farm where I’ve been testing out cargo bikes for delivering the produce. I’ll have reviews of those bikes up when I get a chance to finish writing them, along with my thoughts on how bike delivery works for the farm.

In the meantime, check out my reviews of the Biologic BikeMount for the iPhone, their BikeBrain App, and Motorola’s S10-HD headset. They all work for the bike, but I’ve also been using them with my Farm Hand Cart – even more exciting!