New Look Coming Soon

Hi Folks,

If there are any of you out there that regularly use this website, read the blog, and perhaps even link to posts here, I’m just about to start changing things around. Freeway 5.5 is the software I’ve been using to generate all of the pages other than this blog. The blog entries are on WordPress and I’m about to move everything over to WordPress since Freeway 5.5 is no longer being supported and I’m getting a little more comfortable with the idea of working with WordPress.

Unless you’re using a reader for the blog, you may have already noticed that the WordPress template I’m using now is different and it’s now compatible with smart phones and tablets – one of the reasons for all of the updates.

I haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but I’ll probably move most everything over to blog posts and make them searchable by category. It’ll take a me a little while to get all of the content moved and I’ll probably keep most of the old content up until I get it all onto the blog.

Thanks for following along and I’ll see if I can slip in some new content while I’m making all of the updates…

(also, I do realize what day it is, but this isn’t a joke – I’m not that clever)