Welcome to the new look for joshvolk.com

This site is my way of sharing what I’ve learned about food production and maybe sparking others to share on their own sites as well.

Recently the format of the site has changed. I used to have Q&A and Reviews sections and I’m leaving the old pages up for a little while, but my plan is to move those articles into a searchable section of the blog. The articles there are my attempts to answer questions that I’ve gotten from other growers and to let folks know what I think of the tools and resources that I’ve seen out there. The links page is specifically geared towards web resources, but there are a few other items there as well – it’s far from complete and I’ll try to keep adding over time.

I do this site on my own dime but I appreciate small donations, and emailed notes of appreciation and/or useful feedback. At the bottom of most pages you’ll see a little donation link where you can make a credit card or pay pal donation if you find the site interesting or useful. A big thank you to those of you who have already donated!

please email me if you have questions or comments

Thanks for visiting! – Josh Volk